Patriots vs Jaguars – Live NFL Football, Tv Channel

Not long ago, the surprising Jacksonville Jaguars had a double-digit lead in the second half against the reigning New England Patriots champion in the AFC championship game. Blake Bortles and the company seemed to be going to the Super Bowl, and then the Patriots did what they always did. They were sent off in the match by beating their opponents and taking advantage of each of the mistakes made by the other team.

Patriots vs Jaguars

One of the mistakes made by the Jaguar was not aggressive enough, while another allowed Brady to sit in his pocket unhurriedly and select the receivers to whom he could throw the ball. Finally, he made enough games to win and the Pats represented AFC at the Super Bowl.

Eight months later, New England is again the favorite in February. The Jaguars are also in this mix, and largely for the same reason they were there last year: their defense is good. Bortles is launching an exhausted receiver harvest this year over the previous one, and although the offensive line is improving, we can not expect an above average Jags offensive. Instead, it’s about controlling the ball, polishing the clock, and punishing the opposing offensive.

This is the typical strategy against a machine of the Patriots who showed that it could surpass the best defenses, then New England will be well prepared to face the jaguars during the revenge (16h25). CBS). This is one of the star games on Week 2’s Sunday list, and it should be exciting to see how everything is softening.